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Keep your cast and crew happy with high quality location catering Birmingham from Gourmet Foods

No one is happy working on an empty stomach especially when that work takes you to an off-site location with a demanding shooting schedule and long hours. From the director down to the runners, it takes the whole team to pull a production together, so why not help them to keep working at their best by providing fully catered meals?

Whether you are filming a TV series, feature film, documentary, music video or promotional video, Gourmet Foods can provide catering to sites across Birmingham and the Midlands. With experience providing mobile catering to many outdoor locations, Gourmet Foods will be your ideal partner when the cameras are rolling!

Breakfast, lunch or dinner – Gourmet Foods can provide location catering for them all!

As you are well aware, production hours can vary depending on the project and the needs of particular scenes. Gourmet Foods is happy to offer a catering solution which fits around the demands of your schedule, so whether you need breakfast options to start the day off right, lunch at the end of a busy morning or dinner options to keep you going late into the evening, we can work with you to create options to keep your cast and crew happy. Although the most appropriate menus would include finger food and buffet items, we can provide alternatives if necessary.

Since you are working in an off-site location, you may not have access to all the tables, cutlery and crockery that is needed, which is why Gourmet Foods is happy to provide all of this as part of our service. Everything you need to display, serve and take away your chosen food will be provided as well as a clean-up service afterwards. We are also happy to arrange menus to suit various dietary requirements, for example vegetarian or vegan diets or those that cater to various allergy needs.

And don’t forget about coffee breaks! Our team can provide a range of hot drinks options including tea, coffee, hot chocolate and herbal teas, as well as pastries, cookies and other snacks to munch on throughout the day.

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The team at Gourmet Foods has many years of experience creating delicious menus to deliver and serve at many locations across the Midlands. Contact us today to find out how we can tailor the menu and services to your location catering Birmingham needs.

Whatever your event, Gourmet Foods can cater and suit your exact requirements.

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