Wine for Weddings

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Wine: A Guide to Impress Your Guests

Selecting the ideal wine for your wedding can be quite a challenge, with numerous factors influencing the decision. However, with a bit of insight, you can make the perfect choice that satisfies all tastes. Here are a few key points to consider when curating your wedding wine selection:


The time of the year plays a crucial role in selecting the right wine. Rich, warmer reds pair well with the crisp, cool air of late autumn and winter weddings. Conversely, a light, refreshing white or rosé is typically preferred for spring and summer nuptials.

Food Pairing:

The main course significantly influences your wine choice. Some wines are more compatible with specific dishes. For instance, robust reds harmonize with beef and lamb, while white wine beautifully complements chicken and seafood.

Venue Regulations:

Before finalizing your selection, ensure to clarify with your venue whether they permit external wines or if you must choose from their in-house selection. Should you opt to bring your own, remember to verify any corkage fees, as these charges may offset the savings made by purchasing wine elsewhere.

Personal Preference:

Undoubtedly, your personal taste matters most. It is your special day, and it's crucial that you relish the wines you've chosen.

How much wine do we need?...

After selecting the types of wines to serve, the next question is, how much do you need? The amount of wine needed often depends on your guests and their known drinking habits, but a few general guidelines can assist:

Estimating Wine Quantities:

For a daytime event, plan for half a bottle of wine per adult. An evening celebration calls for a slightly larger allocation - approximately three-quarters of a bottle per person.

For instance, if you have 60 guests attending a lunchtime reception, you'll need around 30 bottles of wine.

Of course, some guests will drink more, others less but this should ensure that you have enough to last from starters through to dessert. It is usually better to plan on too much than too little wine as unopened bottles in saleable condition should be able to be returned to the seller for a refund.

Considerations for Champagne:

In the case of champagne or other bubbly for toasts, there are usually six flutes of wine in each bottle. Once you have decided how many toasts you will have (arriving at the reception venue, after dinner, when the cake is cut), you can then calculate how many glasses you need per adult guest and then how many bottles.

Ultimately, it's better to overestimate rather than underestimate your wine quantities. Most vendors will allow you to return unopened bottles in saleable condition. This ensures you're well-stocked throughout the event, and every toast is a cheer to remember.

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