Events Catering – it’s probably more affordable than you think!

Events Catering – it’s probably more affordable than you think!

People often associate events catering with lavish parties and over-the-top expenditure. We often hear people say “we could never afford catering”, and this is a stereotype we strive to challenge. Whether you have a large budget for a wedding, or a more modest allowance for a small dinner party or child’s birthday party, Gourmet Foods is guaranteed to have a bespoke events catering solution that will suit your every requirement. So instead of spending the days leading up to your event stuck in the kitchen, let us handle it.

Whatever your requirement and budget, Gourmet Foods can provide a personalised event catering service to tick every box.

If you’re planning a big birthday party, or a small anniversary dinner for you and your partner, our catering options range from the simple to the exquisite. Our cocktail party menus include classics such as smoked salmon blinis and mini-Yorkshire puddings with fillet of beef, alongside hand-crafted luxuries such as smoked duck served on parmesan biscuit and asparagus wrapped in Parma ham. With prices starting from as little as 75 pence, there’s no excuse for ruling out events catering for being too expensive.

Take our business catering for example – our menus for Midlands’ companies cover every possible requirement. If you’re hosting a small client lunch, we can offer a range of buffet, sandwich, baguette and snack options, which start at as little as £2.90 per head – cheaper than a supermarket meal deal! If you’re looking on a larger scale, at something like conference catering, again we can provide a range of catering services, both hot and cold. Simply browse our website to see a range of our sample menus, or click here.

With Christmas around the corner, why not eliminate the stress?

From our experience, Christmas seems to be the most stressful event of the year when it comes to organising family dinners and office events. Whether you’re catering for a large number of guests, or just a few friends, we can take care of everything, from the food to the crockery. Our party menu includes duck tartlet with orange compote, smoked salmon tortillas and feta and olive skewers. With the price for this particular sample menu starting at £7.75 per head, we can offer an exquisite yet affordable service for you.

So… whether you’re organising a birthday party, wedding, cocktail party or a simple dinner party for your close ones, Gourmet Foods can provide the best, and most affordable, events catering in the Midlands. For more information, please call us on (01564) 775268, or leave a message.

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