New and quirky wedding catering trends to make your day memorable

New and quirky wedding catering trends to make your day memorable

If a traditional wedding breakfast is not your style, there’s a number of modern and quirky wedding catering trends which allow you to celebrate your wedding vows in the way that suits your taste and budget.

As we become more aware of environmental issues and the benefits of in-season, locally grown food, culinary trends are leaning towards fresh and organic, locally-sourced foods that keep our carbon footprint low. It is possible to create delicious catered food – whether vegan, vegetarian or meat-based menus – using food sourced locally that’s in season.

Trends are turning to more informal forms of wedding catering, such as:

  • Dessert tables – cupcake towers, chocolate fondue, pancake stations and ice cream bars for those with a sweet tooth.
  • BBQs – no longer just burgers and hot dogs, BBQs are great for an informal wedding breakfast on warmer spring and summer days (British weather notwithstanding).
  • Travel-inspired menus – if you and your partner have a favourite part of the world that you like to visit, tailor your menu (and wedding theme) to create a little bit of that country at your wedding.
  • Interactive food stations – what can be more fun that constructing your own pizzas or pancakes? It also provides the perfect opportunity for your guests to get to know one another.
  • As your wedding day draws to a close, why not think about providing your guests with some late-night snacks. After a day filled with champagne and cocktails, your guests will be grateful for a few easy and light snacking options.


Wedding catering trends are not just about great food

You will have put a great deal of thought into creating the perfect menu for your big day, but what about the drinks? Craft beer stations or on-trend prosecco and gin trucks will bring a village fête-vibe to your wedding. Or how about reinstating cocktail hour? Guests can immerse themselves in fifties-style glamour drinking cocktails personalised for your wedding.

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