Finding the Right Location Caterer for Your TV or Film Project

Finding the Right Location Caterer for Your TV or Film Project

When it comes to filming for the small or big screen, location is everything! However, whilst filming in a location of your choosing will offer hours of amazing footage, solving the issues associated with providing food and refreshments for your cast and crew on location can be particularly difficult.

Whether you opt for a city centre location or a beautiful spot somewhere deep in the English countryside, finding the right location catering specialist to take care of your cast and crew’s most basic needs is essential. Read on to discover how you can find a caterer that can work with you to fill those empty stomachs and keep everyone on set happy and ready to work!

Choose a location catering specialist

Selecting a catering company that has the experience and skill to keep up with the demanding task of feeding casts and crews of all sizes at any location should form the benchmark of your search.

Gourmet Foods understands just how challenging life on set can be. Their team have worked across a number of sites throughout Birmingham and the Midlands to provide a unique location catering service to each and every one of their clients.

Understand the challenges of outdoor catering

When working off-site, the location of your set may make it particularly difficult for you to get hold of the basics that make cooking and eating a delicious meal possible. You may not have access to tables, cutlery or crockery but by finding a caterer that can offer a full service you can create a home from home for every member of your team.

Your catering partner may also adapt a menu to make it more appropriate for the day’s schedule, for example, finger food and buffet items are available to ensure your cast and crew can enjoy a quick bite to eat in between takes.

Source a complete service

As well as having the cutlery, crockery and tables to enjoy your catered meals, your cast and crew members certainly won’t have the time or energy to take care of the big clean up after every feast. By enlisting a caterer with a clean-up service, your cast and crew can spend their limited downtime catching up with what’s going on back home or preparing for another day’s filming.

Your location caterer should be on hand to provide a complete experience throughout the length of your contract, including the supply of breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a range of hot drinks and snacks.

Consider those with special requirements

Ensuring every cast and crew member is fully catered for is important, however, understanding that one option doesn’t fit all is also essential. Those with special dietary requirements may prefer another dish, so having a bespoke menu that is designed specifically for your team always helps!

Gourmet Foods can build a bespoke menu to suit a number of dietary requirements, including the provision of vegan and vegetarian meals, and catering to individuals with certain allergies.

Get in touch to discover more about the location catering service at Gourmet Foods.

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