Gluten-free catering from Gourmet Foods

Gluten-free catering from Gourmet Foods

Have you been diagnosed with Coeliac or maybe you’ve just decided to make a dietary choice for yourself and family? The thought of limiting your bread, pasta, pizza, cake and pastry intake can seem daunting. Especially if you require catering for an event such as your wedding or a party.

At Gourmet Foods, we understand how frustrating it can be to find catering which is suitable for those who can only eat gluten-free foods. According to a recent survey, 82% of consumers who eat gluten-free foods, or used to eat them, have not been diagnosed as Coeliac and 38% of these eat gluten-free because they believe it’s better for their overall health.

Many major supermarkets now stock gluten-free alternatives, showing a clear increase in popularity across the country. However for many, gluten-free catering at function and wedding venues is still not an option.

Gourmet Foods offers what many don’t, which is our unique gluten-free catering service. We want you to feel safe in the knowledge that everything we cook and bake is done in a gluten-free environment with the highest quality ingredients. When attending or hosting special occasions you want to be able to indulge, which can be difficult for those who are gluten-free. Gourmet Foods offer a range of menus which feature gluten-free dishes such as Mediterranean vegetable frittata and stuffed yellow pepper with a pea and mint risotto, so you can join in with the celebrations no matter what your dietary requirements. We can also cater for lactose-free, vegan and other special requirements.

Historically, gluten-free food has a reputation of being bland and tasteless, but when you choose us you can sit back relax and enjoy your event safe in the knowledge that the food being served is not only gluten-free, but is also so irresistibly tasty that no one will be any the wiser that it is even gluten-free! Here at Gourmet Foods we have tried, tested, baked and baked again to bring you high-quality gluten-free cuisine every time. As a company, we also pride ourselves on the fact that we are happy to help with any other dietary requirements you may need or want at your event, whether it be at corporate events, your big day or anywhere in between, our menus can be tailored to your exact requirements.

For more information about our catering service call 01564 775 268 or leave us a message.

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