How to host the perfect dinner party

How to host the perfect dinner party

As a nation we love having dinner parties, but for many of us, hosting one can seem a whole lot of hassle. But it needn’t be that way. Here are our handy tips to ensure that your next dinner party will impress your guests.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Just because you are the host doesn’t mean that you have to do all the cooking. At Gourmet Foods we offer a dinner party service, which allows customers to pick up a range of delicious gourmet dishes from our shop and take them home to store in the freezer. On the day of your big event you can simply heat them ready to serve. Our range of tasty meals will be sure to impress your guests – leaving you to take all the credit for the high level of catering.


What would a dinner party be without some music? Make sure that the volume is low enough so you can easily talk and keep it simple. Music can help fill the silence and be a great talking point. Lighting candles or using warm lighting can create an inviting and calm atmosphere and will help to make your guests feel relaxed. Also think about entertainment. Are your guests the type to enjoy playing games or is the flow of alcohol, good food and good conversation enough to keep them happy?


Our best advice is to keep it simple and to not neglect your guests. Thankfully, dinner party collection service means that you can still enjoy delicious food without having to slave over a stove for hours. It also means that you can spend time enjoying your evening with your dinner guests.

Finishing touches

After the meal is over don’t let your guests help with the dishes. Especially if you choose our dinner party service, as the amount of washing up you have will be drastically reduced. Instead treat them to after dinner drinks and sweets such as liquor coffees or mints. This is the ideal time to relax with your friends and enjoy the complements of a successful meal.  

To find out how you can enjoy our dinner party food collection service and impress your guests visit our Meals to Go page. If you have special requirements you can also call our team on 01564 775 268.

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