Should I Go for an Evening Wedding Buffet?

Should I Go for an Evening Wedding Buffet?

With your wedding budget stretched to the limit, many couples may be looking to trim a few things from their big day to make room for a more beautiful dress, a bigger venue or more decorations. An area that many may spot a chance to cut corners is the evening wedding buffet and each year wedding forums across the net are filled with one question – “do I really need a buffet?

Here we take a closer look at the advantages of preparing and presenting a delectable spread for your evening guests so you can make your mind up and steam ahead with preparations for your big day.

Weddings are exhausting affairs

While the sit down meal you have may offer some sustenance for the bride, groom and rest of the wedding party, weddings are generally long days but by presenting a selection of hot and cold buffet items in the evening you can make sure the party can continue! For example, a sit down three-course meal in the early afternoon will ensure stomachs are full for part of the day but come early evening your guests are likely to be famished.

By serving a sit down meal and a traditional or contemporary evening wedding buffet, you can ensure your guests are happy throughout the day, and can celebrate comfortably and contently.

Variety is the spice of life

While the sit down meal will take into account any special dietary requirements some of your guests may have, it is likely to be a set menu, devised by either yourself or your caterer, to ensure everyone can be served on time and to budget. By opting for a buffet later in the day you can offer the variety that may have been lacking in your wedding breakfast.

The wide range of buffet options available ensures there is something for everyone, even those notoriously fussy eaters. Dietary requirements can also be catered for despite the enhanced choice, whilst vegetarians and vegans will also find a number of hearty alternatives.

Unleash your personality

What better way to show your uniqueness as a couple than on a perfectly prepared and presented plate of grub! Your evening wedding buffet is just one of the areas that you can put your stamp on, and as you’ll find out every detail matters when it comes to planning a wedding that is as individual as you are.

Whether you are organising a traditional, contemporary or alternative wedding, your buffet can be personalised to your taste to complement your theme. Building a bespoke buffet menu offers an affordable and delicious way to carry on your theme, whilst buffet tables and plates can also be dressed to your exact specification.

Don’t forget about your evening guests

You may have paid the price per head to feed and water your day guests, but don’t forget about giving your evening guests the five star treatment. The majority of weddings have an extended guest list for the evening celebration so show your hospitality by putting on a spread that you and your guests can enjoy and let the memory making begin!

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