The Perfect Wedding Cake

The Perfect Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is now at the centre of wedding catering; however its origins boast humble beginnings. The roots of this delicious tradition stretch back to Medieval England, where it was custom for the happy couple to scramble to kiss over a mountain of cakes. The successful completion of this tall task was symbolic of a prosperous marriage. This tradition even supposedly influenced a French traveller, who proceeded to create the croquet en bouche, made famous in recent times by the Great British Bake Off.

The development of the wedding cake can, to a certain extent, be attributed to Queen Victoria herself, who helped create our current concept of a classic wedding cake. Victoria’s cake embodied decadence to the full; the bespoke creation weighed 300lbs, and was covered in detailed edible designs. Most influential perhaps, is the fact that both her dress and cake were a crisp white, influencing wedding catering and cake creations ever since. This intricate delight was placed upon the Royal breakfast table, as tradition has dictated that the cake is cut after the wedding breakfast. Modern western culture has, however, shifted this tradition to the evening, allowing the cutting of the cake to become a focal point of the reception celebrations. Thus, the classical white tiered cake that we today consider a custom has evolved.

Creating a unique cake

Perhaps the grandeur of a royal wedding is not to your taste; luckily wedding cakes can be as unique and bespoke as you want. Wedding catering can incorporate a range of designs to reflect the theme of your wedding. Create a custom cake that defies tradition, if fruitcake is not to your taste a decedent red velvet sponge can be a delicious replacement, or a lemon and poppy seed sponge can cater for a sophisticated palette. Details from the number of tiers, colour and design are all aspects that can be unique to your celebrations.

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